Preventive Maintenance Service Level Agreement

The Form Step 3 – Service Level is displayed. You can change the level of service if necessary. 9 A-1 Automotive must obtain written approval from urban transportation services before any modifications or modifications are made. City Transit Services reserves the right to plan these sponsored changes and/or changes at any time to minimize the impact on the day-to-day operations of City Transit Services. A-1 Automotive Service Destinations will contact the appropriate City Transit authorities by telephone if repairs above the normal urban transportation inspection list are required. A 1 Automotive will provide a list of necessary repairs before the vehicle reaches its next preventative maintenance inspection. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of sale If the above conditions are not met, the termination of the preventive maintenance contract may result in the termination of the preventive maintenance contract. Maintenance Continuity A-1 Automotive is committed to providing maintenance services to meet urban transportation services.┬á20. ALS charges You pay the ALS fee for the initial duration of the service and all renewal terms. We can increase ALS charges based on the initial service time, and any increases will be reflected on your bill.

If you receive a service for repairs caused by excluded circumstances, PBI charges you the service on current PBI hourly rates and for all necessary parts. If you exceed the cycle volume of your specified equipment to order, PBI may charge you for the additional cycles on the indicated cycle volume (additional cycles are called “overruns”). The fee is based on the date we see no overrun. Preventive maintenance agreement between City Transit Services and A-1 Automotive Effect: 01-13-2009. City Transit Services Service Level Agreement Example of Data Protection Data This document may contain confidential information. This information should not be shared with anyone other than those who participate in this preventative maintenance contract or who are involved during the life cycle. The persons who are responsible for the delivery of the services described in this pre-movement contract and sign this preventive maintenance contract. A-1 Automotive [Address].

[business owner]. Individuals who verify, authorize and sign this preventative maintenance agreement and are responsible for the maintenance of all associated components. City Transit Services [Address]. [business owner]. [System Administrators]. A-1 Automotive [Address]. [business owner]. [System Administrators].

Service Level Agreement Sample 7/20/2010. 5 Page 5 of 24. City Transit Services Service Level Agreement Sample Comfort System Exterior Body and Components Tires and Wheels Access Doors Engine and Oil Filter Ball Joints/ Steering/ Drive Line (Lubricate). Battery Cooling System Purifiers / Sheaths/ Sheasses/ Wiring Under Hood / Exhaust System Fluids Replacement Wheelchair And Accessories License plates / Registration / Manual Operators Manual Brakes Operating Rolls / Control Waves Shocks/Differential Springs Differential engines Tune-up Alternator and Air conditioning filters Check A-1 Automotive must be certified in wheelchair elevators and fastening devices to perform sufficient inspections in these areas. If A-1 Automotive is not certified in these areas, training is provided to obtain certification. Financials City Transit Services is committed to transferring A-1 automotive services to per year. 22. Additional Terms of Service You cannot choose that the service applies to certain equipment, but not to all equipment.